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Mr. Kantibhai Das

"Thanks to The Taj Medical Group for all your effort in coordinating my total knee replacement operation in Banglore, I was in so much pain before the operation, I just wish I had heard about you earlier. Thank you so much."

Kantibhai Das, New York, USA

Mr Barry Peters
Mr. Barry Peters
"After contacting The Taj Medical Group, all the arrangements - my hospital appointment, my Visas and flights were all in place within 2 weeks - a remarkable service. There is no downside at all. All the staff here are very highly trained and experienced. First impressions – terrific, I can’t fault anybody, there are so many people falling over themselves to make my stay comfortable."

"Fantastic facilities with latest modern equipment, incredible service, can not fault it, I’m very pleased. The total cost of my trip including airfares, hip and teeth is less than the cost of my teeth treatment alone, back in England."
  • As featured on ITN’s “Tonight with Trevor McDonald” TV Documentary Broadcast Date: 5th September 2005
Mr Barry Peters
Surrey UK
Total Hip Replacement
August 2005

Mrs Karen Holman
Mrs. Karen Holman

"We were told before we came to India, by The Taj Medical Group, that the Apollo Hospital has a good reputation and that we would receive VIP treatment. In fact, every aspect of our experience here has exceeded our expectations. Right from the initial welcome at the airport, every member of the team has been sincere in making sure we are comfortable."

"The clinical and nursing standards are exceptional. Dr Gulati and his team have given us a dedicated, professional and personal service which has put us at our ease. All aspects of our care has been first class, including cleaning, hygiene, dietician, physiotherapist and the international Marketing staff. We would like to thank each and everyone of you, especially the nursing staff assigned to me, for making me feel valued, and for making my stay comfortable. We will certainly be recommending The Taj Medical Group and The Apollo to all of our friends." Mrs. Karen Holman
Special Police Constable
Bognor Regis UK
Double Knee Arthroscopy
August 2005

Mrs. Sangha
Mrs M. Sangha, from Essex underwent a double knee replacement surgery in Baroda at one of our recommended orthopeadic clinics. The family are pleased to state that they were totally satisfied with the overall treatment and furthermore are pleased to testify that "the clinic was excellent, world class and absolutely perfect". So much so, they have confidently recommended others to follow suite.

Mrs. Sangha
Essex UK
Double Total Knee Replacement
December 2003

Mr. Douglas Evans
A week after having his hip successfully replaced at the M S Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, Douglas reads Tolstoy's War and Peace and mulls over writing two more parts of the trilogy that he has planned.

"I'm just a patient here, not a tourist. But I have no regrets," says Douglas. "I was disabled with a bad hip and desperate for a cure. It was easy to get here.

After reading news reports on healthcare in India, I called the UK-based Taj Medical Group that sends people here for treatment. We zeroed in on M S Ramaiah's in Bangalore," he says. The visa was processed within a month and travel arrangements finalised. The 70-year-old journalist touched down in Bangalore on November 8. Finding that he had an arthritic hip, doctors recommended a total hip replacement surgery.

Two days later, a team, headed by the hospital's Medical director Dr Naresh Shetty, performed the surgery. "I'm comfortable here.

I have a wonderful team of doctors and paramedical staff. Indian movies and the cricket telecasts kept me busy. I also have time to read and think about my next book," he says. The medical facilities and the care at this hospital, according to Douglas, "are far superior compared to that of the National Health Scheme".
Dear Dipa & Rebecca

Thanks for your card.

No I haven’t forgotten you & will get round to sending you a testimonial in the new year Absent for most of November I Have had a good deal of catching up to do.

I sent 2 pics to the people In Bangalore and a box of French perfumes for the nurses And plan to write personal letters to the Surgeons and Managers who were so kind & hospitable.

Wishing you peace and joy at Christmas and throughout 2006. Meantime Merry Christmas!

Warm wishes Douglas

Mr. Douglas Evans
Single Total Hip Replacement, UK
November 2005

Mrs. Eileen Eve

Dear Dipa,

“Many thanks for your help in getting me to Bombay. Dr Malhan was wonderful and all went very well. No complaints!

I left many testimonials with Dt Dhaval, both written and on video, with the stipulation that my last name not to be used. This is important.

I found a great 2 star hotel in Colaba and a friend joined me for the last 2 weeks. I loved the density and strangeness of Bombay. It turned out to be a proper holiday.

Happy New Year to You and your co-workers, with gratitude, Mrs Eve”

Mrs Eileen Eve
Single Total Hip Replacement,
UK December 2005

Mr David Watson
Mr. David Watson

I would like to thank Dipa and her Team at The Taj Medical Group for making it all so easy for me to come to India for my treatment.

Also, I would just like to thank everyone at the hospital for making my stay a very good one.

From when I arrived at the airport to leaving 13 days later, I never had one complaint. The surgeon was reassuring and looked after me well. From the best of the staff, from the top nurses all the way down to the guys who cleaned the room it was all done well and me feel comfortable.

The food was very good and I had no complaints there either.

If anyone in the UK was thinking of having surgery in India and was worried or apprehensive about it, don’t be. You will be looked after very well.

I must say a special thank you to the administration staff, all helped me with my needs on a daily basis.

David Watson

Mr. David Watson, Banbury UK
Total Knee Replacement
October 2005

Mr Nick Powling
Mr. Nick Powling
Medical staff (Doctors, Nurses and Ancillary staff) did an excellent job and as I write this I am confident that the trip back to England and the continuing physiotherapy will yield results. I came here because the NHS was non-responsive and I was not prepared to allow one bad hip to ruin the rest of the quality of my life.

I specially comment on Dr. Raju Vaishya who even though the first surgery proved problematic swung rapidly into action to solve all problems. He is caring, informative and obviously skilful. I have confidence in an ultimate return to fitness and quality of life. Thanks to The Taj Medical Team for making all the arrangements.

Mr. Nick Powling
Canterbury, UK
Single Total Hip Replacement
October 2005

Mrs Hazel Millard
Mrs. Hazel Millard

Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Yash Gulati for operating both my hips at a time. I will always be grateful to him. Also the other staff who were very pleasant. Also all the staff nurses on the fifth floor who were there for anything you wanted. I would recommend any one in the world to come to Apollo Hospital for treatment. It will be the first class.

Second, sincere thanks to The Taj Medical Group for swiftly taking care of all the arrangements, consultations, visas, flights, travel etc. Excellent service and we will most definitely recommend you to anyone who is currently in pain and waiting for an operation.

Mrs. Hazel Millard
Double Total Hip Replacement,
UK November 2005

Mr Peter Dorricott
Mr. Peter Dorricott

After suffering with constant pain in my shoulder since December 2004. I was resigned to wait until 2006 for surgery on NHS. I thought about The Taj Medical from Channel 4 news regarding Mr. Elliot and from the start of initially contacting Taj Medical and they informed us regarding Apollo. The most significant part of my treatment here at Apollo Hospitals was that I was treated as a person not as a statistic.

The NHS in UK should learn how to run an efficient medical service to begin treating patients as human beings and not statistics. I cannot praise the staff enough everything was just superb. Food / Hygiene / Nursing you name it.

Totally professional. I hope you continue your development. Don't ever change your style of medical care.

Mr. Peter Dorricott
Keyhole Right Shoulder Arthroscopy, UK
November 2005

Mrs Maureen Reakes
Mrs. Maureen Reakes

This is a little difficult for me. Just at the moment I can't think of one 'downside' to the treatment. I've had here. Apart from the discomfort of the actual operation, everything has been excellently carved out. The doctors, nurses and ancillary staff have been unfailingly cheerful, helpful and kind at all times. What more can I say !!!! When I get home to England, I will pass the word and continue to fly the flag for wonderful Apollo Hospital, their staff and The Taj Medical Group.

Mrs. Maureen Reakes,
Batsfield UK
Single Total Hip Replacement
December 2005

Mrs Wanda Wheeler
Mrs. Wanda Wheeler

This is to state that the help and service which I received from The Taj Medical Group was an important contributing factor on my decision to travel to India for my second hip operation.

It is good to have a voice to speak to when one needs reassurance or to answer a question!

I have to say that the Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, and all the staff there were more like family than employees. They were dedicated in their profession, and in their respect and faith in the specialists and surgeons.

The week's recuperation at a fabulous 5 star hotel afterwards, with another excellent doctor to watch over me prepared me for my journey back to the UK and on to Tenerife.

Today I am swimming, walking, and looking the picture of health, with many fond memories. The cost was less than either UK or Tenerife, and my husband and myself had a holiday included.

Dipa - I am absolutely fine, thank you. You are welcome to use me as a reference. Have you seen the video on the net in Sky News under Medical Care in India?

Best Regards, Wanda Wheeler

Mrs. Wanda Wheeler,
Tenerife, Spain
Single Total Hip Replacement
May 2006

Mr Ryan Caroll
Mr. Ryan Carroll

Hello Dipa,

I'm recovering fine. My eyes seem good so far and the knee also. I didn't get the teeth done because the dentist said I was not a good candidate for the procedure I wanted and he suggested an alternative procedure which was a lot cheaper and I decided to have it done at home so I could spend my last week shopping and exploring.

I was pleased to see a placard with my name on it at the Airport when I arrived so I was driven to the hospital. He took me to the Emergency room where they didn't quite know what to do with me but I finally made them realize that I should be admitted
to a room.

The hospital and everyone associated with it were fine and proffessional towards me and my care. I don't realy have any complaints
worth mentioning. Overall it was a pleasant experience and I would do it again.

I didn't get to stay in the hotel you arranged for me but Chavvi found a guest house which worked out very well.

I would recommend your services to friends and family if the need arises. I even left my wallet on the admission counter one time and it was
turned in to security without any credit cards or money missing!!! I consider myself lucky.

From my first talk with Dipa at The Taj to my last visit with Dr Gulati, and everyone in between, I was treated with great care and professionalism. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thanks for everything,


Mr. Ryan Carroll,
Knee Surgery - Single Torn Ligament Repair
September 2006

Mr Gorden Teague
Mr. Gordon Teague

Gordon Teague, 82 from Surrey, UK underwent a Total Knee Replacement at our Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai, India. After only 6 weeks post op, Gordon is enjoying driving and playing Tennis!

Dear Dr Malan,

I am so glad I chose to place my full Knee operation in your hands.

The ease of movement I have experienced since exceeds my highest expectations. I re-started my tennis playing a week before Christmas-roughly 6 weeks after the operation. I am walking well and can easily and comfortably run, (well, trot speed) and am gaining confidence on the courts but continue to avoid sudden turns. I think my mind is too astonished to let me take advantage of what I feel sure I could do.

I expect that I shall increase my interceptions using my legs as well as my long arms within a week or two. My physician Dr McCahy is delighted and tells me she has never before had a patient who has been able to return to playing tennis after a knee operation. So far I have tested my walking up to 2 mile stints and found no discomfort, but I am not yet up to speed as the youngsters spurt past me.

I like using my elliptical cross trainer on the 4 days on which I don't play tennis and do the exercises set by my local Physio. The hard part of the Sinew and muscle stretching had already been done by your staff and the devoted nursing and attention was important to me. Unfortunately I can't abide curry and similar heavy flavourings but your caterers did not deem to be capable of cooking food without it despite assurances that they could. Probably saved me from gaining weight with all that lying about.

My Doctor prescribed some iron tablets because she and others said I looked anaemic and a tiredness has disappeared.

I also have to thank the prompt and efficient staff of The Taj Medical Group in Warwickshire for their efforts on my behalf. My sincere thanks to you and your splendid team and organisation.

Mr. Gordon Teague, 82,
Surbiton, Surrey, UK
Knee Surgery - Total Knee Replacement
February 2007

Mrs Wendy Greening
Mrs Wendy Greening

Wendy Greening of North Portland, OR, USA found Taj Medical online with the help of her husband after 2 years of dealing with hip problems due to an injury. Her only other option was to purchase a COBRA* plan and contribute to it for a year before she could be considered for the hip resurfacing treatment she needed and would then have to pay at least 20%.

Even after making the contributions to the insurance policy there was still a chance that her procedure would not be approved for coverage as it could be considered a “pre-existing condition” based on her knowledge of the injury prior to purchasing the plan. Wendy had been dealing with this debilitating injury long enough and wanted something immediate that she could afford.

The total cost would have been around $55,000 in the US. In India, the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing surgery that Wendy received cost her only $8,000.

* - Health Benefits Under (COBRA) - The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COBRA contains provisions giving certain former employees, retirees, spouses and dependent children the right to temporary continuation of health coverage at group rates. This coverage, however, is only available in specific instances. Group health coverage for COBRA participants is usually more expensive than health coverage for active employees, since usually the employer formerly paid a part of the premium. It is ordinarily less expensive, though, than individual health coverage.

Hi Dipa, This is Marti

"Wendy had a great time in Delhi, and loved to see the Taj Mahal, although it was from a distance. I guess you have to walk a way to get to it. She is happy to be home and has fond memories of a great experience at the hospital. She cannot say enough about all of the really wonderful people she met. She felt like she was treated like a princess".

Mrs. Wendy Greening
North Portland, USA
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgery
September 2007


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